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About Health Consulting From Evolving Homes In Jacksonville, FL, And Beyond



I started Evolving Homes after working in Home Health for 12 years. 

I watched Medicare reimbursements shrink year after year, resulting in patients not getting the information and support they needed to set up their homes in the safest way possible.

I saw the struggle that caregivers were going through trying to navigate unfamiliar, unknown and uncertain circumstances all alone. 

I met overwhelmed and exhausted caregivers trying to figure out what their options were for care if they could no longer handle the stress.

I felt sad that the medical system was designed to be reactive rather than proactive.

Certified Aging-in-Place Expert

We have 25 years of experience as an OT to back our home health consulting in Jacksonville, FL, and offer to clients across the U.S. and Canada

Carol Chiang is an Occupational Therapist and Founder of US-based Evolving Homes®.

She is an Aging-In-Place, Age Tech and Smart Home expert with 25 years of experience in the home and in-patient rehabilitation setting. 

An important part of her work is guiding homeowners and their caregivers through the often tough decisions required when deciding whether to “Age in Place” or “Find a New Space®.”  

Carol is also a Certified Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery therapist, Urban Poles Master Trainer and a former Olympic-caliber athlete.

She writes extensively on the importance of planning ahead to make informed decisions, using exercise as medicine and establishing positive aging habits as soon as possible to minimize costs and maximize freedom. 

As a speaker and consultant to associations, companies and universities, she works in the space of solving independent aging challenges by educating the consumer on their options, advocating for person-specific solutions and using technology to assist with daily tasks.

Carol filmed a pilot TV show about luxury home modifications in 2021 for HGTV and NetFlix.

She has also contributed her expertise to AARP, the Davis Phinney Foundation and the National Kitchen and Bath Association through online webinars and has been a keynote speaker for several Parkinson’s symposiums nationwide over the years. 

In 2023, she spoke at international events hosted by MIT AgeLab, AI-Caring, AgeWell Innovation week in Canada and the Independent Aging Conference in Japan.

Her clients include Toyota Research Institute, AARP AgeTech Collaborative and Hartford Funds where she helps startups, engineers and financial professionals understand the challenges their clients are facing in the home.

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I love challenges and learning how to solve my own problems. That’s why I became an Occupational Therapist — We are professional problem solvers!

I was a competitive swimmer in university when I was getting my Anatomy & Cell Biology degree and my Occupational Therapy degree.

In 1996, I missed making the Olympic Team by 1/10th of a second and in 2012, I was inducted to the McGill Sports Hall of Fame.

I love learning new things, going on adventures and hearing other people’s life stories. I climbed Kilamanjaro in 2003, lived in South Korea for 5 years and have been scuba diving all over the world. 

I believe that anyone can make positive changes in their lives just by being willing to take the first baby step in the right direction!

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"Carol Chiang is brilliant at helping others determine beautiful, tasteful and affordable solutions to making one's home safe and accessible. Her whole philosophy of empowering people to know what they can do and "positive aging" is so refreshing."
Snowden M
Carol is AMAZING!! Her in home consult was quite comprehensive, including coaching for some ergonomic ideas for my husband while he transitions through the phases of his mobility issues. She spoke real life solution ideas with me and my husband, and was very caring and compassionate and never made us feel rushed through her extensive evaluation.
Kathy H

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