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How Free2Go Rollator Makes it Easier To Get Off The Toilet

People start going crazy when confined to the 4 walls of their homes. Covid gave us plenty of evidence that this is true.

We are social creatures. We need mental stimulation and human connection to live balanced lives.  

Leaving our homes gives us an opportunity to see the world and experience new adventures to keep our brains sharp. 

That’s why I feel sad when I hear people say that they decline social invitations because they are afraid to leave their home toilets.

We have talked lots about how ADA height toilets can decrease the risk of getting stuck on the toilet but what about the times you want to say yes to a Wednesday night poker game at a friend’s house?

Residential homes don’t need to follow those guidelines and if your poker buddy is on the short side, the odds of finding a comfort height toilet at their house to use is not too likely!

But there is a new solution out there to maintain those vital social connections!

One of my Parkinsons patients introduced me to a device that has allowed him to leave the home without fear.  

The creator of the product, Lesli Wang, was inspired to create Free2Go when her mother didn’t return from the restroom when they were out for lunch.

It was a real life example what we have been talking about in the last few weeks.

Lesli discovered that her mother, who had a progressive muscle weakness, had been too weak to get back up from the low toilet and was helpless to do anything besides hope that Lesli would notice she was gone and come looking for her.

Necessity is the mother of all invention and by now, I’m sure you all know I feel strongly about empowering people to use whatever means necessary to maintain a person’s highest level of independence.

Watch this quick 1 min peek at how this device can allow a person to be the one in control of the height of the toilet!

If you’re interested in learning more, I have a 4 video series on my YouTube channel “Age in Place or Find a New Space” that goes through the unboxing, assembly, use and real life example at this link:  

What do you think? Is this something you would try? I’d love to hear your thoughts!