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How to Get off the Floor Using a Bathtub Lift

OT brains are trained to adapt activities and think outside the box for solutions.

We solve everyday problems cost consciously by finding new ways to just use what we’ve got!

Dawn Heiderscheidt @Auroraindependence and I are both Home Modification OTs that specialize in helping older adults Age in Place.

This is a 20 second clip from an educational YouTube series we did to show people to how a tub lift can allow someone to get that wonderful deep soak again.

This video explored whether a tub lift could be used to help someone get up off the floor if there were absolutely no other choices.

This experiment was inspired after a patient of mine asked if it would be worth investing 2500$ in product that would help get a her husband off the floor if he fell in the middle of the night.

My concern was that it was $$$$, took up a lot of space, was heavy to move and honestly, if he truly had a significant fall, it would be much safer to be evaluated by EMS to make sure he didn’t need to be checked out at the hospital.

However, I could see a potential application of this if he slid off the bed when putting on his pants and just couldn’t seem to get the right biomechanics to get him up.

The 4 video series educates caregivers and clients on what a tub lift is, how to use it, how to disassemble it to be able to travel with it and finally an out of the box use for it!

If you’re interested in watching the results of our exploration, the link to the whole 4 min video can be found here!