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How visual and tactile cueing can help manage freezing in Parkinson’s

“Is it covered by Medicare?”

I wish I had an easy answer to this question for the startups I help looking to break into the Aging in Place market.

Innovators pour endless amounts of energy to create incredible solutions for difficult problems and they spend millions of dollars just to bring a product to market.

It’s a grueling process but they keep plugging along because they know that if they could just get the word out, it could change lives.

Nexstride is an example of a small business that I have worked with and have written direct letters of support to Medicare for.

Founder Sidney Collin’s innovation is one of the most effective solutions for managing freezing gait in Parkinson’s disease.

The Parkinsons Wellness Foundation will cover most of the cost and it is 100% covered by the VA ….. but not Medicare.

What’s the problem?

Despite over 100 peer-reviewed articles showing that visual and auditory cues work to reduce falls by 40%, as well as improve duration and frequency of freezing, Medicare won’t agree to cover Nexstride until they can show studies using that specific product at home. 

But the Parkinson’s foundations aren’t interested in funding a study with Nexstride because it’s already a well known fact that visual and auditory cueing improve gait in Parkinsons!! 

So I offer you a 30 sec video to show how dramatic visual and auditory cues are on Parkinson’s gait.

This is one of my patients with Parkinson’s who is trying the visual cueing for the first time.  The first part of the video shows his normal gait.

When I give him instructions to step on the blue lines, he is suddenly able to make big steps. But the minute the blue lines stop, he’s back to small steps.

Nexstride is a portable solution for this need to have continuous target lines to follow to remind clients to take those big steps. It also has a metronome making rhythmical taps so they aren’t always looking down.

I encourage people to take advantage of her generous return policy.  She just wants people to try it so she has set it up to be as hassle free as possible.

It’s 30 day money back guarantee, no questions asked, including the shipping. And you can use my 50$ off discount code EVOLVINGHOMES !

 If you decide it’s not for you, just pack it up and use the included return label to ship it back! You just can’t know if something will help unless you give it a try!