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Service Above Self

“Hmm… I’m not exactly sure how you are going

to get that trash bag down a steep flight of stairs on a walker.”

I first heard about Rotary when I was looking for a solution to my older adults that needed household help after a hospitalization.

It’s less than ideal to have a client who has had 3 falls be the one getting up on a stepstool to change a ceiling fan lightbulb.

But to their point, “I live alone. I have no family here. Who else can I ask?”

My original idea was to have some local students come by once a week to do chores. But I didn’t move forward with the idea because I couldn’t find a way to make sure the best interests of my client’s were also being watched over.

The lightening bolt moment came when my husband said, “What about if you pair an adult, like a Rotarian, to a high schooler, like Interac?”

“YES!! I think that can work!” Unfortunately for me, COVID had other plans. But that plan stayed with me until last summer in the SAME week, 3 separate people said to me and said, “You need to talk to Doug Brown at Oceanside Rotary!! @charlene shirk @andrewscammon @kimspencer

There are some moments in your life that change your life forever. To me, finding Rotary is one of them.

When I joined Oceanside Rotary last year, I didn’t know what to expect. Unlike many of the members who were 3rd and 4th generation Rotarians, I had never heard of Rotary before I joined.

What I discovered was a group of caring, genuine and fun individuals that shared my belief that when people work together, they can change people’s lives.

You would be pleasantly surprised to see the lightness and joyfulness that emanates from early morning meetings despite a 7:30am welcome bell!! (@guzman Castro you are seriously missing out!!)

@Rotary International is dedicated to causes that build international relationships, improve lives, and promote peace.

I really don’t think I could have found an organization that is as close to my core values as Rotary. They just want to do good in the world. Their motto is “Service above Self”.

I would highly recommend people check out their local Rotary to see what they can do today to help their communities. EVERYONE has some talent they can offer.

Volunteer efforts don’t always involve lifting 30lb cinderblocks for 2 hours on a hot Saturday morning. (It’s a basically a free CrossFit class!!)

It can be policing the buffet line at the annual Cornhole fundraiser instead!! (Which raised 34,787$ for our community!!)

Or it can a yearlong fundraiser putting up flags for each of the major holidays. And if you are like me and my partner, we try to beat our time from the last holiday!

I would love to hear what community projects other clubs are doing that have been impactful!

If you are a Rotarian, let’s connect!

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