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Smart Home Technologies and OT

Which brand should I buy? MY answer is always going to be, “It depends.” We are all unique individuals with unique needs and preferences.

My spinal cord patients need voice automation but only some people with Parkinson’s have the ability to use Alexa.

One of the most frequent questions I get is regarding smart locks since that is the easiest way to grant entry to paid caregivers and can provide immediate access when combined with @autoslide, my favorite door automation technology. @joseph

Like anything, the best way to learn about the pros and cons of something is to buy it and try it yourself!

I own a Kwikset lock for my front door and an August lock for my back door. Both are voice activated, can be locked/ unlocked via phone app and can auto-lock after a set time so I never carry keys.

The best part about the Kwikset is that it can be opened via voice, touchpad or a physical key. I love this because if the battery is dead or there are problems with the wifi connection, you have a backup plan.

I also like this because touchpads need moisture on the fingertips to wake it up and as you get older, your skin gets drier, making it harder to activate the keypad. That can be frustrating and a deal breaker.

The negative of this lock is that it’s a pain to install and it takes patience if I have to reprogram it.

The August lock is marketed as being very easy to install (which it is) but I have discovered over time that it eats batteries to a point that I don’t use it anymore because of the hassle.

I also hate that if I go outside and forget to bring my phone, I get locked out since there is no way for me to access it from the outside!

I wish I had had time to talk about all my favorite solutions with @Sarah Lyon but the take home message to clinicians was really that it’s impossible it is to know it all given the number of new products released everyday.

There is just not enough time, money or energy for one person to put them all to the test, much less side by side.

The solution to this is to work together to learn and share our personal experiences with the community.

Products may seem magical at first but may not end up being durable or functional in the long run. Alternatively, you may find something has other advantages you didn’t realize when you bought it!

If we can use our resources and #otbrain to learn more about what is out there, we will be more successful at matching the client’s needs, preferences and abilities with the right product for THEM! #AOTA2023

My motto is that I’m willing to fail if that means my patients can succeed. I hope you will join me in this pursuit for excellence!


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