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What exercises can help Parkinson’s?

A diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease can be life-altering, scary, and nerve-wracking but it is NOT a death sentence.

Most patients die WITH Parkinson’s Disease and not FROM it.

A study done at the Mayo Clinic found that overall, people with Parkinson’s had similar lifespans to those without.

However, falls are a major source of morbidity and disability in Parkinson’s disease but the good news is that we can prevent falls with prioritizing exercise.

I’m passionate about using Exercise is Medicine but for people with Parkinson’s….. it’s the magical elixir of life.

But don’t take my word on that. Watch Jimmy Choi who was diagnosed in his late 20s w early onset Parkinsons, compete on American Ninja Warriors!

99% of healthy individuals couldn’t do what Jimmy does, but he is proof you can live a BETTER life than many sedentary Americans that are suffering from heart disease!

Think of Parkinson’s disease as a chronic disease that just needs to be managed well during the lifespan.

 Any exercise is better than none but to really get ahead of the disease, it’s important to choose exercises that target the motions that are particularly challenging for people with Parkinsons.

Parkinsons can make you stiff and cause you to fall when you move in one big block. These exercises help to isolate your movements for better control!

If you’re in the Jacksonville area, Jax Hope was just awarded a Parkinsons Foundation grant to provide education for 13 of our local support groups over the next 12 months.

 I will be teaching sessions on Parkinson’s specific home modifications to decrease falls and Parkinson’s specific exercises using Urban Poles and Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery so make sure you get connected with your local group!

For anyone outside of Jacksonville, I offer virtual consultations for 1:1 help!

Exercise is HARD to get motivated to do but when you do it with your friends, it’s just fun!