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Why building your Forever Home with Universal Design will save you money!

“Universal design ensures you, your neighbors and future generations will feel cared for when they visit.”

It is my passion to educate people on what options are out there and to teach them how to advocate for themselves to get what they need.

When people know better, they do better.

And when they demand these changes with their dollars, smart companies listen.

I was at Home Depot the other day and I noticed that it’s almost impossible to buy a toilet that isn’t “ADA-compliant” anymore.

Installing a comfort height toilet is one of the easiest and most common solutions to weakness in the legs or arthritic knees.

My plumber confirmed that manufacturers have essentially stopped making 14.5” height toilets altogether because people now only buy comfort height ones.

Every major brand now has there own version and it’s no longer considered “the handicap” version. It has become completely mainstream.

This is the beauty of Universal Design. A toilet that makes it less painful for your 92yr old visiting grandma is also something the average person with no deficits appreciates.

The increased production and competition among brands has also driven down the price, so it is now affordable for families who might not have been able to benefit before!!

Everyone wins!!

 So, how can we take this lesson and apply it to all the new tract homes still being built w/ tiny 26” wide doors to get to the master bathroom?!!

We need to let them know we see the value Universal Design!

If enough consumers insist on buying forever homes that are built ready to Age In Place, builders will pay attention.

They just need to know that the additional 1% in building cost is worth it to the consumer. Trying to change things down the road costs A LOT more and it’s messy and imperfect.  

When you build right the first time, it is socially responsible for future generations that will live in that space and cost effective over the life of the house. Where is the downside?!

Do you want to be proactive but don’t know what to ask for? Are you building your forever home and need an advocate?

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I can help you work with the builder to create a space that you will feel comfortable in for life!