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Why Urban Poling is good for Everyone!

What’s my favorite part about teaching people about Urban Poles? The amazement at how much they improve posture with such a simple but smart design!

I have had the opportunity to introduce Urban Poling to hundreds of people over the last few years through large scale events like @NeuroChallenge’s Expo in Sarasota but also through smaller groups interested in finding pro-active ways to use exercise as medicine. @diana Oliver

This past year, I got to demonstrate the benefits of Urban Poles to the Parkinson’s support groups in the Jacksonville area, thanks to a generous grant by @Parkinson’s Foundation obtained through the hard work of @ Jen Otero @Jax Hope.

The response at these events has always been overwhelmingly positive with people excited at how effective and fun the exercises can be!

Urban poles are inexpensive, portable, and adjustable to accommodate the needs of everyone from a low level rehab patient all the way to my 65yr+ friend who was training for half marathon!

These poles are magic and so much of that is due to an innovative and patented design in the handle.

Unlike regular hiking poles, Urban Poles does not require a strap or require the user to have grip strength.

You don’t want a strap because if you were to lose your balance, you wouldn’t be able to let go of the pole. As a result, you would sustain the same kind of injury when you fall on a ski pole … a broken wrist.

Decreased grip strength is something many people struggle with already but did you know that excessive grip causes joint destruction?

Urban Poles are joint friendly and has received the Arthritis Foundation Ease of Use seal for two consecutive years!

How do people maintain control of the pole? The secret is the wide ledge on the handle where downward pressure allows the person to relax their fingers and even better, activates the core muscles that help with important transitional motions such as sit to stand!

Even someone missing two digits of the hand discovered they could still maintain control of the pole!

To me, the biggest benefit of these poles is that they provide resistance against gravity as people are developing the strength to improve posture.

If you’re interested in hearing more about the poles, here’s a link to a TV interview the founder did on TV:

If you don’t have poles yet, you can get there here. I also include a 15min Zoom meeting to help you get them set up:

If you are ready to exercise, I have free Urban Pole exercises I developed that incorporate Parkinsons Wellness Recovery principles here:

Let’s get moving and ready to live your life to its highest level!

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